schmoozapalooza 7 MAThis annual event is a time for our community to meet and get to know some of the local business owners as they showcased their goods and services to the public. The event is an Open House, Business Expo, and a Membership Appreciation--all rolled up into an evening of family-fun.

Thanks to our Sponsors, Vendors, Members, Volunteers and Community this event is always a success! Stay tuned each year for information on this March event and in the meantime, come by the Chamber anytime and "schmooze"---we are here for you!

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If you're looking to increase your visibility in the business community, the Chamber Champions Sponsorship program is your premier opportunity. Our Chamber Champion members enjoy many sponsorship benefits throughout the year, an investment that earns dividends that go far beyond your membership investment.

So much more than a business sponsorship, Chamber Champions offer a comprehensive "blanket sponsorship" that places you and your business in the forefront of the Chamber's key events with invitations to VIP events, complimentary tickets to a variety of Chamber functions, reserved tickets and seating at some of our signature events and special recognition in Chamber publications, programs, our website and other highly visible venues.

The Benefits

The Chamber Champion program eliminates the repetitive solicitation of funds for every event and marketing opportunity. This not only saves you time, but it also allows yours Chamber to operate in a more efficient and professional manner. For your annual investment your business receives community exposure, event benefits and cost-effective advertising.

Package Options

There are three levels of sponsorship: Platinum, Gold and Silver. Each level has varying amounts of benefits depending on your investment. See the chart below for information on what each level includes.

Become a Chamber Champion Now 

Chamber Champion Investment







Chamber Luncheons

$1,570 $1,120 $1,120
Exclusive Presenting Chamber Luncheon Sponsor (one event) ($450) *    
Reserved tickets for 8 guests (min. of 7 per year $1,120) * * *

Business Mixers Before/After Hours

$375 $375 $375
Exclusive Presenting Sponsor (one event) * * *
Annual Meeting $1,800 $1,000 $1,000
Annual Meeting Featured Sponsor & Reserved Seating ($1,000) * * *
Prime Reserved Seating and Table Top Logo Sign ($800) *    
CityFest Sponsorship $600 $300 $200
Logo on all T-shirts, signs, banners & publications. 20 tickets & 15 T-shirts *    
Name recognition on all T-shirts, signs, banners & publications. 12 tickets & 10 T-shirts   *  
Name recognition on all T-shirts, signs, banners & publications. 8 tickets & 5 T-shirts     *
Chamber Advertising Opportunities $1,200 $750 $150
Digital Billboard Ad for 4 week period & 40 sixty second radio ads ($300 + $900) *    
Digital Billboard Ad for 4 week period & 20 sixty second radio ads ($300 + $450)   *  
Digital Billboard Ad for 2 week period     *
Chamber Website $1,300 $1,200 $1,000
Chamber Champion Page Prominently Displayed Logo & Link *    
Chamber Champion Page Logo & Link    *  
Chamber Champion Page Business Name & Link     *
Chamber Champion Logo, Link and Level of Giving displayed on Footer of Chamber Website * * *
Chamber Champion Banner $1,500 $1,200 $1,200
Name with Sponsor Level on Chamber Champion Banner ($500) * * *
Logo on Chamber Champion Banner -- Top Billing Priority ($800) *    
Logo on Chamber Champion Banner ($500)   * *
Displayed in Chamber Lobby ($200) * * *
Chamber Weekly E-Blast $5,000 $2,500 $2,000
Chamber Champion Recognition with Logo & Link *    
Chamber Champion Recognition & Sponsorship Level with Link   * *
Farm City Banquet $500 $500 $500
Table for 8 * * *
Total Value $13,845 $8,945 $7,545

The Chamber Champion Sponsorship Program is an annual program and is a tax deductible business expense which helps fund various Chamber programs and initiatives throughout the year. Sponsorships are non-refundable. Benefits are non-transferable. Receiving all benefits of sponsorship is dependent upon time os sponsorship agreement

For more information, call Kristi Pieper at 334-365-7392 or email

Become a Chamber Champion Now 

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Livability Magazine showcases the best places to live around the United States. The publication,  in partnership with the Prattville Area Chamber of Commerce, offers Top 10 lists, articles, data and more about our beautiful city of Prattville, Alabama.

Livability Magazine tells the story of Prattville's best assets and helps answer questions potential residential and business prospects may have. In addition to showcasing what Prattville has to offer, Livablity Magazine serves as wonderful advertisement for our chamber members. Our Chamber businesses are included in articles, photos and advertisements within the magazine.

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